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Arlette & Patrick

OUR KENNEL is registered in 2001. Since we acquired our first Amstaff in 1998, we were fully sold for the breed. After several successful years of exhibition and good guidance from respectable breeders, several Amstaffs quickly joined us and a dream became reality: the registration of Stocky Rascals at St-Hubertus and FCI. Our search for combinations of exterior, character and health, fueled my enthusiasm and made me unanimously elected board member of the Belgian breed club ASTCB, where I worked for 11 years without self-interest. In 2012, after a 2-year search, a second smaller breed was added: The Chinese Crested Dog. Since Belgium did not yet have a recognized breed club for nude dogs, together with friendly breeders and dog lovers we founded the first recognized Belgian breed club in 2016 for the following breeds: Chinese Crested Dog, Peruvian & Xoloitzcuintle. To this day I am still active with the Amstaffs and Chinese Cresteds, both in show events, giving ring training, and selective breeding. Meanwhile, we have several champions in house and have also coached our bred dogs to their championship.
OUR DOGS live together with us and our son and are part of our family. During your visit to our dogs pages, you will find some younger dogs, placed with friends, in the form of a foster family. The only idea behind this is that we can not make enough time for our dear ones. That is why we have searched for good locations, where they receive all the attention and pleasure they deserve. Our sincere gratitude goes to these people, who do a beautiful deed by raising, keeping and caring for these dogs. From time to time we also search loving families for our retired dogs. Do you want to know more? Please contact us.
All dogs we breed with, have undergone health tests, are DNA-registered and all have the Certificate Conformity to the Breed Standard. They are all in possession of an FCI pedigree. All official documents can be viewed during a visit. Visit to our dogs is without obligation.
PUPPIES are born in the house. They grow up among our other adult dogs, who give them a perfect and indispensable upbringing, which they carry with them for the rest of their life. The puppies are dewormed several times, receive their first vaccination at the age of 6 weeks, have been chipped, are DNA-registered, have a European Passport (vaccination booklet) and FCI-pedigree (St-Hubertus).
SPECIAL THANKS for our heart's friends, Greet Jacobs and Dominique Bammens, for their unconditional friendship through thick and thin. Great admiration for their determination and drive. Because of the great collaboration with Greet & Dominique it has been decided to take over the second kennel name by them and future puppies will be registered on both Stocky Rascals and Stockyrascals' Replay. Both kennel names stand for quality, health and passion.